Monday, November 01, 2010

Rally For Sanity and/or Fear

I have to hand it to John Stewart and Stephen Colbert, they know how to throw a rally!  By now, just about everyone has heard about the guests, the comedic moments (the funny ones and the not so funny...), the signs and the crowds.  I'm going to pile on a little bit here. 

What a phenomenal event.  I went with a friend and took my toddler.  We walked from our apartment in DC.  As we got closer and closer, we realized that this was going to be a lot bigger than we had anticipated.  Luckily, the toddler was happy as a clam in her stroller, and everybody made pee pee before we left.

We arrived at what would become our spot at just inside the tree line of the mall on the east of 7th street at about 11:45 AM.  The last 25 minutes was spent inching forward the last 22 feet or so.  Everyone was packed in tighter than Karl Rove up Rush Limbaugh's CENSORED BY ZUKE [this is a family blog douche bag!]. 

For me, the best moments were Stephen Colbert's entrance in the Evil Kenevil jumpsuit, Ozzy (!), nap time (she fell asleep on my shoulder at about 1:30 and dozed in her stroller until about 2:15; I couldn't believe my luck!), John and Stephen singing a duet, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, John's speech at the end, and leaving the National Mall at 3:00 PM with crowds filling the streets for blocks in every direction. 

I decided the moment it was announced on The Daily Show that I was going to attend.  I am so happy I did.  Today I'm going to catch up on everything I missed.  It's all on the Comedy Central site.

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