Thursday, November 18, 2010

Creep: Drawing From My Distant Past #8

This monster character was inspired by Spawn, the Incredible Hulk, and Doomsday.  He was a huge, deadly, silent, homeless demon who befriended inner-city kids and kept them safe from the deadly circumstances in which they lived.
I drew him first sometime in 1993 on the same day and on the page immediately following the character I posted last week.  I am disappointed that I cannot find that sketchbook.  I remember I had committed to putting one new character on each page.  I was inspired at the time by Erik Larsen, who was notorious for creating an incredible number of useless characters and actually using them in comic books like Spider-man, The Savage Dragon, and Wolverine.  I was amazed that such a popular comics writer and artist just made up some of the stupidest characters ever and had no shame about putting them in whatever comic book he was writing or illustrating at the time.  Much like Larsen, I took visual cues from more than one popular character and put them into a new one.

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