Monday, April 16, 2007


My stomach is clenched in fear, anger and sadness. I am just hearing about the scope of the killings this morning at Virginia Tech. I can't help but think of the young people I know from my previous position in Norther Virginia. How many ended up going to Virginia Tech? How many were planning on it? How many have siblings there? How many of the parents have children there? It is more than I want to think about, but I can't get it out of my mind.

At least 22 dead.

How many wake-up calls do we need? "SOMETHING IS WRONG HERE!!!"

In a world in which the President of the United States believes that you should strike first if someone might strike you in the future...

In a world in which parents beat each other up at their children's sporting events...

In a world in which Christians embrace and encourage their hatred of people of other faiths...

In a world in which students at Yale Law School threaten to rape their female classmates on the internet and then hide anonymously behind "free speech..."

Is it any wonder that violence invades our lives in dramatic and traumatic ways?