Thursday, August 16, 2007

Monkey + Bulldog = Comedy

Happy Elvis Death Day

Thirty years ago, the king of rock and roll keeled over in his bathroom and died at the age of 42. I am a huge fan of Elvis. Elvis lives in my CD player and all over my iPod. So I was pretty happy to find this in my local paper this morning: On 30th anniversary of Elvis' death, nun recalls their films.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Free Doggie!

I need a favor!

My neighbor has a puppy he's giving away (FREE)!
It's a Dachshund, it's housbroken and it's great with kids. He's giving it away because his wife says the dog "stares" at her when she is undressing, and that it gives her the "heebie jeebies." I think she is just weird. If you're interested or know someone who is, let me know!

Here's a picture of the dog (below).

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

August Arrived Too Early

As far as my job is concerned, the month of July was awesome. I took kids to a poor town in New York where we painted and repaired the homes of the poverty-stricken residents of Hoosick Falls, NY. The next week, I was in Boston for a conference that was a nice working break. I had a good time, but the work was tough too. The past couple weeks, I have enjoyed the office to myself as I followed up with the kids I took to NY and work on arranging a fun day trip to one of those obnoxious "uber-Catholic" youth rally things in the next town down the highway with as many kids as want to go. Work was good in July.

Now it is August.

Now I have to deal with the fact that everything is ramping up all over again and even though I spent the last couple weeks getting caught up I am already falling behind. Now I have to deal with the fact that all the big plans I made for this year over the summer are actually going to take a whole lot of work. I am one day into August and I am already dreading the direction things are going.

Gah. This is me just feeling stressed out after a month of things being pretty dang awesome. Don't take me too seriously. The problem is that this is really two or three jobs rolled into one, and I only enjoy one of the three. In July, I only really had to worry about that one. Now I have the other two pressing down on me too. August. Bleh.