Tuesday, June 26, 2007

This Is Not Working

So, my darlin' is spending some time away this summer to check out the lawyer lifestyle in multiple cities while I remain here with only my dog to keep me company. I'm not having an easy time with this. It just points out to me how much I rely on her to make me feel like I'm doing something productive with my life. Even when I'm doing something good and productive, I have an unshakable feeling that my time would be better spent doing the exact same thing in her company. I used to think that fulfilling work and great colleagues in that work would be enough for me. When I found that this was not the case, I got a dog. I thought I had it made. But my dog, my work, my job, and my colleagues and coworkers are simply not enough for me. They don't challenge me, they don't call me to be better the way she does. Without her I am treading water - just trying to keep breathing until she comes back.