Monday, November 01, 2010

Smallville "Harvest" Review (Airdate 10/29/2010)

This week's episode seems to indicate that the problems that plagued last week's episode ("Isis") may be habitual.  Again, the larger plot lines which carry us from episode to episode were handled well.  Lois and Clark take another step forward in their relationship.  Tess Mercer and her rapidly-aging Luthor clone also move down an increasingly disturbing road.  Lois and Clark get a few things straight about just how much protection Lois needs or wants.  These are all good developments that move the season forward brilliantly.  I'm just not thrilled with the useless, throw-away vehicle which carried these elements. 

This week, we have a remote and hidden village of "believers" (in what, I have no idea) who believe that their continued good crops and good health rely on  the yearly sacrifice of a young lady to "fire from above."  In reality, a blue kryptonite meteor killed the leader's daughter some time ago and ever since then (thanks to blue K contamination in the water) no one gets sick, and the crops flourish.  These anti-modern "believers," having no use for science or reason, mistakenly believe that it was the human sacrifice which caused "the lord" (its never clear who exactly they mean by this) to bless them and not the consistent and visible presence of blue crystals in their water.  Oh well - its a plausible reason for Clark to lose his powers whenever he's near them, and a reason to kidnap Lois, dress her up (again) and try to kill her.  All of this happened to them in the first place because Clark, being the over-protective country boy that he is, asked Tess to assign them to cover some cherry festival in the middle of nowhere instead of the potentially dangerous anti-vigilante rally in Metropolis.

Tess has her hands full with little (and getting bigger every minute) Alexander, whose Lex memories are to be flooding back faster than his little mind can handle.  He's a creepy kid.  This plot line was far more interesting than Lois and Clark this week.  Tess's own inability to actually love someone when it gets difficult is something worth exploring. 

Oh, but at the end, Clark and Lois get it on in the barn, with lots of candles and not nearly enough chemistry.  But at least now they're having sex for real and not just in some alternate future which will never come to pass.  On the other hand, they cut from the sex scene to young Lex cutting off his hair all creepy-like.  So whatever warm fuzzies we might have had from all the love were immediately dispelled by waves of creep.

Final verdict: good stuff overshadowed by creepy kids and corny villagers.  

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