Tuesday, July 12, 2005

News and a question

First the news: there is a new post on "Digging Deep."

Now the question: Do you need to be informed here about new posts on "Digging Deep?" Or do you go there every day just hoping for a few more insights into the mind of Zuke? Let me know because the results of this poll will be considered the next time I post on my other blog.


  1. I saw the digging deep post before I saw this one.

  2. I admit I hardly ever check the other one unless you mention it here first.

  3. I check everyone's blog daily...

  4. I just check good ole Bloglines and see that there are new posts there and save them for later to correspond to. :-)

    http://www.bloglines.com -- check it out.

    Be sure to add http://www.venture-online.org/venture-online-audio.rss to your feeds list too :-)