Thursday, October 06, 2005

"The good things in life are not only for rascals." - Karl Rahner

I have been good for the past month. I have been dutifully eating my cereal every morning for breakfast and ignoring the fact that the shop a mere 93 seconds away serves up possibly the best breakfast sandwiches in human history. I have ignored the questionable quality and origins of the coffee here in the residence and the lack of half-n-half. I drink that swill with whole milk every morning. It's on the meal plan after all. I write it all off as "building character" or "living simply."


I broke down today. Directly after my morning class, I walked directly out the front door and was in my shop 93 seconds later.

Guy behind the counter: "Hey! How're you doing? We haven't seen you in a while."
Me: "I know. I've been living at the school up the road. Breakfast is on the mealplan there, but I'm in dire need of the usual."
GbtC: "Egg and cheddar on a butter croissant?"
Me: "Yup."
GbtC: "And a large coffee?"
Me: "Absolutley!"

Satisfaction. Bliss. All is right with the world. The Divine Mystery opens up before me, expressed in God's good creation of this holy sandwich and this sacred coffee. Grace is expressed to me by the good stuff in life. In God's good creation, there is nothing profane. Everything is Grace.


That was awesome.