Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Fifteen Credits!?! What was I thinking?

Well, good people. The Zuker returns. I’ve been busy! This is not to say that I’m not still busy, but I have made it through the worst of it relatively unscathed. What’s “the worst of it” you ask? The worst of it is the following, all of which was accomplished between Thanksgiving and today:

  • 36 pages worth of papers (one of which counted as the final exam)
  • 10 pages worth of written final exam.
  • 3 oral exams (we’re not talking dentistry here, though at times it felt like getting my teeth pulled)

I’ll be honest, my procrastinatory nature contributed to an elevated stress level during this period. Thank God I took my professor’s advice and got a paper (not listed above) finished before Thanksgiving.

Consequently, of the papers I turned in, one was crap, one was okay, two were good, and the last (turned it in today) is rather good, but we’ll see if the professor agrees. Come to think of it, I’ve only received one back so far – one of the “good” ones (B+). I thought it was better than that, and it would have been if I had proofread… d’oh! I should go check my mailbox and see if I’ve got any back!

… nope.

The oral exams… hm. One was iffy – which is weird ‘cause I really enjoyed his class. But his questions caught me flat-footed and tongue-tied. This is not usual for me. The other two went wonderfully (I spied my grade on the last one – A)!

The 10-page written final felt like crap when I was done, but maybe I just felt like crap. I spent the whole day in the library working on it. And when I finished, I had to cut about a page off it ‘cause it was too long. But I’m pretty sure my answers were right – they just weren’t as thick as I like.

Ah, but now a break…


I will be doing research over the break! I’ll be reading and re-reading some of the more important stuff from this and past semesters in order to put together some sort of coherent line of thought for a thesis project. Not only that, but I’ll also be researching doctoral programs and figuring out how the heck I’m going to support myself! Fun, fun, fun.

Huge love goes out to Chimera (mah darlin’) for helping me calm down when I was freaking out and distracting me when I needed a break and focusing me when I was feeling lazy. The lady can do it all and is beautiful too! How can one guy get so lucky?