Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Don’t save anything for the swim back to shore - or - "LEAVE IT ALL OUT ON THE FIELD!"

Time for an update. I've had a hell of a week, and it just keeps getting better. I keep telling people that, if I seem a little out of it, it might be because I've been going non-stop for five days now. Ich bin todmüde! I'll give you a brief (and not too detailed) synopsis.

Friday - Let's start by heading out to the ol' townhouse and powerwashing the deck and porch in preparation for sanding, staining, and painting. Follow that up with a raucus gathering of friends old and new that went late into the night (or early into the morning, whatever).

Saturday - Barely awake, five of us (all of whom were going on less than 5 hours sleep) head out about noon-ish to hit the beach at Sandy Point. Overall it was a blast. We could have done without the jellyfish, though. Everyone got stung at least once. Some of us twice. H got hit bad. Unwilling to end the day without some grub, we came back and had dinner. All of us were tired as hell, but unwilling to leave early. I got home around midnight.

Sunday - 6:00 AM rolls around and I have to get up to go sing at three Masses. The air conditioning was out at the school where they celebrate Eucharist - so I was hot. Oh, and Joe was there to celebrate Eucharist with the community. The new boss is friends with him. That was an excellent surprise.
My mother's birthday is this week, so the fam and R - my sis's man - went to dinner at ye olde Chinese Restaurant - the House of Chou.
I was all settled in for the night, when someone suggested getting together for coffee or something. I never turn down an invitation to go out - so at 9:30 PM on Sunday night - out I went. It was a blast, and I got home about... hmmm I don't entirely remember, but it was late. At least 2:00. There are benefits to being unemployed.

Monday - Promised Mom I'd clean the kitchen cabinets and replace all the old hardware. Not a big job. I had some good help so it went fast. Actually, Monday shaped up to be kind of a chill day. Video games, dinner, TV, sleep. Good to go. But Tuesday made up for it. How much can you pack into one day? Tuesday was a personal best for me.

More on that later.

HA! Leave 'em wanting more.


  1. Damn, if being employed means missing cool stuff, then being employed SUCKS!!! Oh, wait - I'm not really technically employed yet...hmm....

  2. hmm... I can think of worse ways to spend 5 days of your life...