Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Changing My Blog's Name

I began this blog in 2005 using the name "Zuke."  I chose that name because is was my grandfather's nickname and, even though I can barely remember him (he passed when I was very young), I always felt some sort of connection to him when I wrote on this blog.  I've written about memory before, and though I wasn't really remembering him, I was certainly calling him to mind.

Recently I've written a few things on my blog related to my opinions about the institutions and hierarchy of the Catholic Church.  It was brought to my attention that my grandfather may have disagreed with or taken offense at some of the things I've said regarding our current pope, and that by expressing my opinions with his name in my blog's title I was dishonoring his memory.  Whether or not I agree with this sentiment, I have no wish to even appear to do anything of the sort, especially if it damages relationships which I hold very dear.  

Now I'm only using my initial, "Z" in my blog's title.  I've also changed the web address to http://yourdailyz.blogspot.com.  I'll be making the rounds to the sites where I am listed and making the appropriate changes there as well. 

Make no mistake: I am not planning to change my opinions or shy away from expressing them as forcefully as I can, but if I am being uncharitable or cross a rhetorical line, I need to know it.  Post a comment, write a response, link me, whatever.  I love a good debate, and over the years I've been known to change my opinion, no matter what you've heard.  

I am going to take some good advice and let things simmer a little before I post about them.  Not everything requires an immediate response; some things need more time and consideration.  I'm going to do my best to discern which is which.

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