Friday, November 19, 2010

Reusable Coffee Cup Sleeves

I stopped by one of the local Starbucks here in the District this morning and noticed that they were selling little felt coffee cup sleeves for $3.95/ea.  In an attempt to be "green," Starbucks is trying to get us to buy something completely stupid and unnecessary. 

Don't get me wrong.  I consider myself an environmentalist.  Thanks to my awesome "man-bag" and a few high-quality reusable shopping bags, I rarely need the plastic bags they charge us $0.05 for here in DC.  I am pro-reusable anything.

But I am opposed to the creation of a product, manufactured who knows where creating who knows how much carbon, which, under the guise of being "green" is anything but!  Think about it.  The little cardboard sleeves Starbucks has had for years are reusable.  All you have to do is take them off your cup before you toss it and put it in your wallet or jeans pocket or use it as a bookmark or something. 

To be honest, this never occurred to me before, but the very presence of a "reusable" sleeve got me thinking.  So now you get this rant.  Rest assured, I'll never buy a "reusable" coffee cup sleeve.  I have decided instead, to start reusing the old cardboard ones instead.

Have you seen any other ridiculous examples of "green" marketing?  Maybe you know of something else that we are expected to use once then throw away which is actually reusable?  Share!

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