Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Secret Formula

  • one (1) socially awkward individual who is simultaneously one of the best in her/his field, which incidentally or tangentially pertains to law enforcement, medicine, or both.  
  • one (1) more or less well-adjusted individual whose methods, personality and (most important) gender are the exact opposite but oddly compatible to those of the individual described above.  
  • an assortment of other individuals who buzz around this central relationship while providing humor, seriousness, exposition, and sexual gratuitousness whenever the situation requires.  
  • some sort of crime, mystery, illness or other puzzle to be solved in a unique and surprising manner. 
  • plenty of sexual tension (as a garnish)
Mix haphazardly (consistency is to be avoided at all costs)
Serve weekly.
Follow with cliffhanger, plot twist (avoid resolution), sentimentality or quirky one-liner.

Pairs well with any alcoholic beverage. 

The above describes at least five hour-long dramas on network television right now (three of which I watch - I'm a sucker, I know).  Can you name them (or others)?


  1. Anonymous4:31 PM

    Bones, House, Mentalist - Are those your three

  2. You're one out of three, Anonymous.

  3. Anonymous2:28 PM

    Dang - what are the others? (Posted at 1:27 Central Official Tenor Time.)

  4. Alright, it's been almost a week. The three that I watch are Mentalist, Lie to Me and Castle. With Bones and House that makes the 5 I had on my mind when I posted. I believe House was the first to use the formula, and then others tried desperately to copy it. I'm actually sort of ashamed that I watch both Mentalist and Lie to Me; they are pretty much the exact same show.

  5. Also, have you noticed that in Castle, Bones, and the Mentalist, the female leads are virtually identical physically?