Thursday, August 04, 2005

Deja Vu... Why do I get the feeling I've been here before?

I've been flying below the radar for few days. After Saturday night, I needed a day to recover, and that happened to be the same day I had to move the rest of my crap to my parents' house for the month.

Since I've been here, I have done the following:
  • I arranged one room to resemble the way my living room was set up at my house.
  • I have set up another room almost exactly as it was when I lived here in high school.
  • I've come to realize that both my younger brothers have a lot of growing up left to do. As awesome as they can be at times, they can be really dumb an instant later. I guess that goes for most people, but if A raises his voice to my parents in a tone that can only be defined as "adolescent" one more time...

Add up those three items with the fact that I'm living with my parents again (I never thought I would be in that situation ever again) and I'm feeling like I've stepped into the past. In this house there are things which have litterally not moved in 10 years or more. I'm not talking about furniture here. I'm talking about the torn up cover of The Stand (Stephen King) which I just found in the drawer where I left it about 13 years ago. Now - the dresser has changed rooms a couple times, but the torn cover remains in the drawer. Weird. I found a picture from my senior prom (May 1995) buried at the bottom of a drawer in my old desk. It was in better shape than the pics I have in my photo albums! The past few days have been like that.

As I clean and move things around for my 'rents, I am unearthing various bits and pieces of the past which foment nostalgic reminisces. I hope I don’t regress to my teenage self; unhelpful, argumentative, lazy, etc. etc.

Anyway, I'll give ya'll a few hours to chew on this, then I'll come back with something snappy from the party my "friend" threw on Saturday. S/he and everyone apparently had a blast! ;^)


  1. So it's been a few days and there have been no pictures of the party posted, nor has there been something snappy ;-)

    Alas, what am I to say? I too know that feeling of finding things around the house and wondering why they're still there and what interest I had in them when I was a kid (my parents live about ten miles from me).

    So yes, I know what you're going through, but keep your chin up, you'll soon be in DC :-)

  2. I thought we were very careful not to leave lingering evidence of that evening's activities... that is, assuming Matt washed his sheets! heh heh heh he must *still* be recovering.

    yeah, just call me Mistress Evil... I wish I could watch Matt try to explain his way through this one... ;)