Thursday, August 18, 2005

A day that surpassed every expectation.

I woke early. I had an appointment with the Financial Aid office at school. Yes. It was a little last minute, but good things are always better when you prolong the anticipation. The appointment was at 9:00 AM so I left at 7:00.

I arrived at my destination at 8:30 as planned. This gave me ample time to get my "usual" at the "Everyday Gourmet" in Takoma Park. I highly recommend. Get the coffee and an egg and cheddar sandwich. This was the day's first victory.

At the appropriate time, I meandered to the school and walked up to the Financial Aid office, it just so happens that the registrar is also the Financial Aid contact. He's a shorter man, probably 5'6" or so. grey hair lingers about his temples and the back of his head, but other than that, bald. We sat down and discussed my options. He treated me like I didn't know what the hell I was doing, which was true. So that was a good thing. Bottom line: I should get 90% of my tuition paid by need-based financial aid. The rest I can cover with a small-ish loan from Sallie Mae. I am set. Loving life. The day's second victory secured.

On the way back home, I called Chimera and we arranged to meet for lunch. I happened to know that she, being unemployed and preparing to depart for school, had nothing else to do that day. Lunch = victory # 3.

Lunch wasn't good enough for two unemployed students with nothing to do, so we went bowling. Yes bowling. Now, I was handilly defeated in both of our games. But overall, it was fun and certainly counts as a victory. The Fourth victory.

Bowling was over and still the better part of the day to go. Hmmm... Ice Cream. Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream. Cherry Garcia on a Waffle Cone. VICTORY IS MINE! Number five.

Not done yet. That killed all of about 23 seconds. (I like my ice cream. I'm all over that stuff. A little too much though. The flavor stayed in my beard till the next morning - victory!) I hadn't seen Wedding Crashers, but now I have! Damn funny movie. I might have to see it again. Vince Vaughn's machine-gun improv is too quick to catch all at once. Victory!

Still hours left in the day. What to do. Drive around in the rain. Check. Ahh... an unknown pool hall in Annandale. Let's try this place out. They have wings. They have good beer on tap. I'm told they make a good Cosmo. They have a special deal: rack up a food and drink bill of $25 or more and you get three free hours on a pool table. VICTORY! Sweet victory. Well not at pool. I'm better at pool than bowling, but not much. I claim victory nonetheless.

By this point (11:24 PM), a certain contented and pleasant exhaustion has set in; not unlike after the dinner on Saturday following the trip to Sandy Point.

Totally spent, the day ends with the secure knowledge that Chimera's last day here in the D.C. area was full to overflowing. And that was the point. My main rule is to never turn down an invitation to go out. I've added a second: never go home before the day is done. How many victories was that? I lost count.


  1. I can see you as Dr. Evil running around the house with a little globe... "The world is mine! The world is mine!"

    Whew - too many victories for me to handle - I don't know what I'd do with myself! Glad that Chimera's last day in DC was awesome - wish I could have shared - but you know - the whole job thing....

  2. I have to remember that "never go home until the day is done" motto. I tend to meet more interesting people that way.