Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Stream of... something.

Okay, I really can’t think of anything to say right now, so I’m going to go all stream o’ consciousness on ya’ll. These last few days have been busy. I’ve had a lot to do and have actually gotten a lot done. I’m in a bit of a scramble ‘cause I got a bit behind over the past month. Oh well, at least the parish will be getting a lot of good people on staff who won’t allow a little thing like getting asked to resign to throw them off for a month. Geez – has it been a month? Yes it has!

Here’s to over a month of (more or less) regular posts on Your Daily Zuke! Wow! It feels like just yesterday I was ranting and raving about my good friend’s wedding and the fact that Sam Fisher would kick the snot out of Jack Bauer. Remember those days? Simpler times. We were so young then.

I’d like to thank all of you for helping to make Your Daily Zuke the smashing success it has become! You have given me stuff to rant and rave about. You have humored my unimpressive attempts at comedy and commentary. You have kept me smiling with your insightful and witty comments. So I dedicate this “BLOG of the MILENNIUM” award to you, my loyal fans! I am thrilled to receive this award so early in the millennium and I thank the academy for their completely unfounded confidence in the longevity of Your Daily Zuke.

Back to reality (or is it celebreality? I can’t remember…)… Hey is it okay to put six periods in a row separated by nothing but a close parenthesis? Let’s try it again and find out …)… Nope. That’s just not right. Anyway, I had to go to the new office today because the phone guys who showed up yesterday were the wrong ones and the correct phone guy came by today and was all like, “I gotta get in there and fix your phones up right!” So I was all like, “Crap! I totally had stuff to do that didn’t involve leaving the house! I had emails to write and fundraising to coordinate and a bulldog to walk!” Now I gotta get off my butt and go all the way out to Bull Run and open the Center for the phone guy so he can work for 3 ½ minutes!!! Okay. Fine. I’ll go out to the main office and meet the new boss. Nope he’s not there. Then he arrives, and never comes over to say hello to anyone on staff! So I left and came home and finished work.

Now here I am rambling on randomly. At some point there is no point. And… scene.

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  1. I find it amazing how effortlessly talented you are. I aspire to be as wonderfully witty and hilarious as you know that you will inevitably bring a smile to our faces whenever we read is truly inspiring.

    Geez, that sounds like a Hallmark card or something - hey maybe I've found my new career....