Monday, June 27, 2005

Breaking my own rule

Why is it that I seem to be working harder on the weekends now than when I thought I was going to be employed here for the indefinite future? Friday night, I actually had to break my own rule twice! TWICE! The rule is, “never turn down an invitation to go out with a friend,” and I turned down Meegs and House because a) I had to finish packing my office for the move, and 2) I had to wake up early to actually help with the move at 8:00 AM Saturday morning. That stinks. I hate weekends where I don’t get a day off. And for those of you who are all like, “Zuke! You’re short-timing! We know you’re not doing anything during the week, so it is only fitting that you work yer butt off on the weekends!” I say this: I actually had to do stuff last week! I had to help pack up the office; I had to make like three phone calls and answer a bunch of emails; I had to write two long and hard thinkin’ blogs!!! But really, just because my workload is a little light right now, does not mean I deserve to lose my weekend! I only showed up to help move on Saturday ‘cause every person I talked to about the move was all like, “You’re going to be there right?” Which means, “you better be there because even though we are all adults with a lot of responsibilities who can take care of our own lives competently, there is a good chance we are going to muck up MOVING FURNITURE AND BOXES FROM ONE PLACE TO ANOTHER...” In other words, I got Catholic guilted into it.

Of course, Sundays are rough, but you all knew that. Oh. And for all you volunteers in my parish who are reading this, I have a question: Why don’t you show up? Please call someone… anyone… if it is your turn and you can’t make it!!! We had to “delegate” two extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion at the 9:30 Mass ‘cause only ONE EMHC showed up!

Oh well, like that hasn’t been happening every once in a while for the past two years. It just means I have to deal. Good thing I improvise well.

On the upside, the Responsorial Psalm I got to sing was fantastic. You never know how good a piece of music is until you sing it well. I’m keeping that one in the “go to” file.

Fell asleep last night about 10:00. Dog-tired.

I can’t wait to take a little bit of time off.

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