Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Summer Session - Day 2

Well, I have just finished my second day of class for the summer session at WTU. I really lucked out. The instructor is a Carmelite professor of philosophy who was just transferred to a parish in Canada, so he no longer has to answer to the Dean. What does this mean for me? Basically, there will be no written assignments, not too much reading (only one required text) and no exams. The four of us (three students and the professor) get together every morning for the next two weeks and talk about the development of Western Philosophy and its implications for theology. This is great stuff for me and my post-modern historically conscious self (I just learned that that's what I am). I have never taken philosophy of any kind, and in the next two weeks, I get to go through a bunch of it really fast. Ancient, medieval, modern, post-modern - awesome! My head is in the clouds where it belongs.

To top it all off, the course is not nearly as rigorous as I thought it would be. This means I will be able to occasionally show my face in public and not be chained to my books all week as I previously thought. I still gots to get to bed earlier than usual though, so I can't do any late night partying with you nut cases out there.

Oh, and the parish 30th anniversary picnic is on Saturday and I am in charge of setting up the tents and the sound system. This means that Saturday is shot for me. If you want to see me, come on out to St. Stephen's in Middleburg for confessions at 3:00 PM (for you sinners out there), Mass at 4:00 PM and/or the picnic directly following. There'll be BBQ and other good eats. Come on out and enjoy!

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  1. What's that? Wednesday night at "On the Border" in Tyson's Corner around 8 PM? ;-)