Saturday, June 18, 2005

A Lazy Day at Last

Woke up at 9:00 to the sound of - nothing. I woke up when I was finished sleeping and not before. I love that.

Got a shower, walked the dog, and ate the last two eggs in my fridge and made a nice pot of coffee. The half-n-half had gone bad so i three in a few scoops of hot chocholate mix. Yum. Drank my coffee while watching Pokemon and The Batman on WB.

Slacked off online and in front of the TV until about 3:30. Then I went grocery shopping. Got the basics (see yesterday's post) as well as some TP, paper towels, and Milk Bones. Picked up an extra 22 oz. Yeungling as a treat for me.

Back online, checking the blogs and email. Drinking my beer. Post a lengthy and completely unsubstantiated essay on Digging Deep. I need to start citing sources rather than writing off the top of my head. Maybe once I have two theological libraries at my immediate disposal...

Ha! Convinced Termite to come over and play video games. That's really all I can do on a Saturday night. Gotta get up tomorrow at 5:00.

Oops! Gotta walk the dog!


  1. Psh - like it takes a lot to convince me to hang out and play video games...what else would I be doing on a Saturday night?

  2. HI MATT'S MOM!!! Just in case you are reading this, you should know that you are quite the celebrity in our little blogging circles now. Everyone is saying hi to you - see "sentimental blocks" and also "meegland" for a couple of examples. Good to see you in netland!