Thursday, October 14, 2010

You Know You're A Stay-at-home-dad When...

  • ... you remember your annual buzz-cut fondly and seriously consider buying a set of clippers... for your two-year-old daughter.
  • got all excited when you saw the first trailers for The Expendables, and then you got really quiet and ended up putting Over the Top on your Nexflix instant queue.  
  • ... you have a personal alarm for those days you need to take a shower (Daddy!  You 'tink!)
  • ... the APA's "no peanuts" rule pisses you off every day right around lunch time ("What the %*@#! am I supposed to feed this kid?!?)
  •'re a little angry about the whole "Katy Perry banned from Sesame Street" debacle.  You and I love guest appearances on SS.  The special guests are really there just for the adults who are forced to watch Sesame Street with their preschoolers.  Any guest is a good guest in my opinion.  But they let a fat slob who specializes in toilet humor (Jack Black) on that show (and I loved it!), while a talented and liberated female performing artist is "too sexy" for Elmo?  Don't you think that's just a little sexist?  It was fine to have Rev. Run rap with Elmo (seriously, I laughed out loud at "Hop This Way") because he had the good sense to cover up his boobs with his clerical black uniform, but Katy Perry's summer dress was too much (too little?) for your pre-school aged kiddies?  Did anyone go outside this past summer?  Did anyone go to a beach?  Did you take your children anywhere during the last few months (the hottest summer ever)?  Or, in the interest of shielding their eyes from all the boob-age, did you keep them sequestered inside all summer?  Have you seen the footage?  Do you think your 2-4 year-old cares about Katy Perry's boobs?  What I enjoy is that every once in a while Sesame Street enlists a performer adults might recognize and enjoy so that we don't go insane watching with our toddlers.  So I'm a little angry that Katy Perry got canned for a couple reasons: 1) blatant sexism 2) I would've enjoyed the bit while my daughter freaked out over Elmo. 
    • For the record, I'm not what anyone would call a fan of Katy Perry's.  I liked a couple of her songs ("I Kissed a Girl" and "Hot 'N Cold"), but I can't stand the new one ("California Gurls" - ugh.). 

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