Friday, October 15, 2010

Drawing From My Distant Past #3

Oh, this dude is awesome.  I hung this guy on my wall for years.  I have no idea when I drew this guy.  Looking at the anatomy, I have to assume sometime in 1992.  I was all about creating my own characters at this point, having been inspired by the guys who had just left Marvel to form Image Comics.  This guy eventually became the ultimate bad guy in the stories I created in my head. 

The eyes are still too far up in the head.  WTF is going on with that shoulder, arm, hand, ugh.  I'm pretty sure this guy's left leg is anatomically impossible, or at least very difficult.  What a stupid looking gun.  Oh, and I still hate drawing ears.

I thought I did pretty well with the colors, given that I had not learned a dang thing about how to really use colored pencils.  I can't say I'd do any better with them today, actually. 

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