Monday, August 29, 2005

Not enough chairs for all the butts...

Well, this Sunday we had to set up our chairs for church as we normally do. But when it came time to take them down after the service, we were asked by the school administration to stack them up outside the classrooms down the hallways on the other side of the building. Normally we merely stack them in the nearby smaller hall, and this little request added approximately 30 minutes to our take-down time.

So I asked the school staffer on duty what the deal was. The answer boggled the mind.

This particular school is expecting an increased enrollment this year of about 400 students more than last year. 400 more students are 400 more than this school can fit in its current situation. So, they ordered modular classrooms to put in the bus circle, but they decided to wait until July to order them, so they will not be up and running until November. Now, for some reason, it appears as though they did not order any chairs to put in the modular classrooms. Or did they? Friendly staffer guy at the school on Sunday said there were chairs for the new classrooms in boxes in the gym. Okay… so why do our chairs have to go in the regular classrooms down the hall? No idea. As usual, the parishioners get screwed. According to one school administrator, there are plenty of chairs, according to another, there are not enough. No one seems to know what’s going on, but somewhere in the midst of all this confusion, there seem to be nearly 400 chairs less than they need to take care of all their students and the 900 happy church people who pay to use the cafeteria every week.

For the life of me, I honestly think they ordered 400 kids worth of temporary classrooms, but didn’t bother to order the chairs to go along with them. They just figured that the good ol’ Catholics would be more than happy to move chairs from one end of the building to the other every Sunday at 7:00 AM and afterwards until about 1:00 PM.

I’m sure the principle is probably thinking something like, “well, once they open up the next middle school, we can take down the modular classrooms and have our nice neat stack of chairs for the churches to use like it was last year.”

Foolish mortal.

At the rate the area is growing, those temporary classrooms are here to stay. The next school will get built too late and will be overcrowded in 3 years just like this one. Just buy some more chairs so everyone can be happy. I mean, use the money you get from the fact that the church rents the place for 6 hours every week. Shoot man, I happen to know that there were schools in the same county giving away chairs last spring!!! Hundreds of them!

On a related note – I’m sure glad I’m not a middle school principle in northern Virginia right now. That’s got to be the worst job ever.

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