Sunday, August 21, 2005

Got to get back to basics

I’ve noticed an interesting phenomenon here on Your Daily Zuke. Recently, this has become somewhat of a diary page. This is distressing to your Zuke. Keeping the world appraised of my comings and goings was not my intention when I decided to keep this blog. What ever happened to all the “Zuked up observations” that I promised?

Well, to put it simply, it can be hard to Zuke something up. It takes time, effort and some creativity. Sometimes I am up to it, and other times not. Let me put it another way: it is easier to simply tell what the heck I’ve been up to than it is to give you a true daily Zuke.

Please keep this in mind when checking out my posts. If you see me slip into “diary” mode, give me a heads up so I can reinvigorate ye olde Zuke. Your Daily Zuke is supposed to be mildly entertaining. I plan to work better to achieve the appropriately mild level of entertainment that characterized this blog at its inception.

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