Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Back from TN – an update

Woah… brain atrophy in a major way. There is a lot to be said for traveling 700 miles into the Bible belt to a log cabin on a lake. Not the traveling itself mind you (11 hours in the car through rain and traffic is never all that fun), but once we arrived, it took me less than an hour to chill out and forget how stressed out I had been just a day earlier. Significant volumes of Scotch helped a great deal!

So let me give you the blow-by blow; a typical day in Winchester, TN.

Wake up about 7:30 AM. Once anyone starts drinking coffee and chatting, I find it impossible to remain sleeping on my cot in the garage. I feel an overwhelming urge to go to the kitchen, pour out the “coffee” (3 tbs’s of grinds for a whole pot of coffee?!?), make a new pot and join the conversation.

Somewhere between 11:00 and 1:00, I join the swimmers down at the lake. I then spend about 20 minutes playing “who can make the bigger waves” with my cousin’s kid.

Approximately 30 minutes into swimming – a thunderstorm rolls in.

We all then spend the next few hours watching the weather channel, playing board games, and reading.

4:00 PM – Happy Hour! Everyone stops whatever they were doing and starts eating and drinking. Nice. Mom’s Long Island Ice Tea flows like water.

2-three hours later – Dinner.

Stay up playing games and chatting till about 11.

Go to bed on a cot in the garage.

Other highlights from the vacation:
My sister and I defended our championship in Trivial Pursuit. Two years ago, we went undefeated and they wanted to bring us down. It was a futile effort however, and we won easily. The entire game had a feeling of inevitability. My sister thought that it was the combination that was the key; our areas of expertise were complementary. Unfortunately for that theory, the next game we played, we were on opposing teams. I was paired with my 18-year-old cousin. My cousin and I won in spectacular fashion. Apparently, I am the all-time BEST!

Over the course of the week, three copies of the new Harry Potter book made their way to the cabin. I got my hands on it mostly on Wednesday. I finished the story in one day. Awesome stuff.

Chatting religion with my mom’s side of the family. Wow. Not the most fun I’ve ever had, but pretty close. Heh.

I drew a couple pretty decent pencil-drawings while I was there. I wish I had access to a scanner – I would totally post them up here.


  1. Dude, sounds like a pretty swank vacation. How's your liver feeling? ;-)

    I think that you and I need to team up for Trivial Pursuit sometime-- with your knowledge of everything and my incredible guessing and persuasion abilities we could rack it up quite well.

    And as far as the new HP novel goes, *sigh*, I have two more books to finish before I can start that one. Currently on page 225 of GoF.

    Welcome back, you've been missed O:-)

  2. True you managed to win Trivial Pursuit with the 18 year-old cousin, but at least she understood the questions, which is more than I can say for my partner at the time!