Saturday, September 25, 2010

Smallville Review: "Lazarus" (Airdate 9/24/10)

Jor-El = douche.
Lois knows = awesome.
Lex clones = awesome.
Ollie getting his butt kicked = when is he going to grow the goatee? 
Back to where it all began = awesome.
Lois is Clark's weakness = kind true, kinda stupid.
Chloe trades herself for Ollie = awesome.
Lex clone is all like, "even with your great speed..." and Clark is all like, "watch me!" = awesome.
Red, yellow and blue = awesome.
"I know my fate!" = stupid line (please stop saying that!)
Jor-El = douche AGAIN.
Lois goes to Africa = disappointing 
Pa Kent = awesome.
CGI Darkseid = we'll see. 
Tess with a baby Lex clone = kinda stupid.

Overall = pretty awesome

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