Wednesday, July 27, 2005

S/he needs your help!

Here is the hypothetical situation:

Let's say a friend of mine needs to figure out what to serve her/his guests after s/he invites them to an informal gathering that will probably revolve around eating, drinking, and shooting the bull. S/he wishes s/he had a grill because BBQ'ing would be ideal, but her/his grill is one of those tiny table-top versions that can only cook about 2 burgers at a time. Her/his first inclination is to order pizza because s/he always eats pizza on the weekends. S/he also thought s/he might be able to dodge a bullet and ask everybody to bring some ( Hor' finger food to share. Other than that s/he might just make PB&J samiches for everybody and provide everyone with a nice glass of chocolate milk in which to dunk them. (Yum.)

So my friend needs your help. If you think any of the above ideas are good, s/he would like to know. If you have any better ideas, s/he would like to know. S/he would like to know soon. Like... TODAY! S/he cannot stress enough the urgent need for help in this situation. Many of you may benefit directly from whatever input you can offer to her/him in this her/his time of need.

1 comment:

  1. I/You would go to Price Club (or some other type of store) and buy those frozen finger food boxes of stuff. They can feed an ARMY and there are all kinds of things I/you can choose from chicken drums to artichoke dip.