Monday, May 30, 2005

Wedding Recap

Before you go on with this, you might want to check out Wedding Bells and Wedding Bells II just so you get the whole picture. I'm sure you have nothing else to do but read my rantings and ravings all day.

A week ago, you got a laundry list of all the hardships I had to go through to get ready for my friend's wedding this past Saturdy. Now I give you a grocery list of things I loved about the wedding! Ha! How's that for turnabout! I'm like the wind. You can't stop me!
  1. The Bride. Nancy is rediculously beautiful. And, as a rule, a woman never looks better than when she is in a wedding gown. I have never seen her so happy. It was awesome to behold.
  2. The Groom. Okay, I don't know Brian at all. I met him once or twice about four years ago. That being said, he looks like Toby Keith with more class. His tux was awesome.
  3. Joanne, Julie, Tamara, and Vicky. I haven't seen these lovely ladies in years. I love the fact that weddings allow you to catch up with people, even a little bit. While it causes a slight pang of conscience that I haven't kept in very good touch with them (they all still live nearby except for Joanne), it enriches my heart to see them and know they are happy and doing well.
  4. GOOD HOMILY by the PRIEST! Unfortunately, I cannot unlearn what I have learned, which means I listen way too closely to priests when they talk to make sure their theology is good as well as what they are saying morally and pastorally. The priest Saturday did a great job.
  5. The Calamari. Omigosh - it was awesome. LaPorte's rocks.
  6. The Open Bar. I enjoy drinking beer. I usually find that the love I feel for family and friend is more easilly felt and expressed when I am a little (just a little) loopy. Oh, and Danni drove so I didn't have to worry about stopping early. One suggestion for LaPorte's - Yuengling. On tap. I mean, Dominion Ale is nice, but with Yuengling, all of God's plans for beer are fulfilled.
  7. Friends. Any opportunity to get together and celebrate is fantastic. It is always a treat to see Keysha, Nancy, Megan, and Danni.
  8. Faith. I always find that my faith is strengthend by a wedding. My faith in the bride and groom, my faith in love, my faith in Christ, my faith in myself and my ablity to find love. It is good to get this boost on occasion. Especially when so much in my life is up in the air.

So there you have it. I may get a little irritated that it takes me a week to prepare myself for a wedding. I may complain about my haircut or getting my suit cleaned, but I recognize that such a celebration is always worth it.


  1. I just want to say that I'm not a big fan of Calamari, so if we ever hang again, it's all yours. And with regard to the open bar... yum :-D

  2. It was really good to see you after such a long time, too! That was such a fun day...

  3. Wow, I just stumbled in here. Thanks Matt! I'm so glad you had a good time. It was so fun/key to have you there! It means the world to have all your best friends together on a day like that. I can't wait for the next big excuse for us all to get together again!