Monday, February 07, 2011

Favorite Tweets During the Super Bowl

Anthony C
christina aguilera = awful. Just replay the Whitney Houston one from 1991 every year. Can't top that one.
The Dark Lord
Did Christina Aguilera just screw up America's National Anthem? Wow, and I thought it was bad when I screwed up trying to kill that baby...
Coin toss CEREMONY? Just throw the damned coin already. Good lord, this is a sport, not a damn state dinner.
Christina's back in the green room being told that probably no one noticed.
John Madden is sexting?
Karyn Bosnak
Oh, Cammie feeding A-Rod is just so sweet. I wonder if she wipes his ass too.
Rapists never win
Worst about commercials: Danica Patrick is a damn good race car driver & to her sponsor, she's just boobs.
Aaron Gouveia
The Budweiser Tiny Dancer ad was among the dumbest I've ever seen. Anyone with half a brain would give that a .
Aaron Gouveia
Atta boy Scotty! RT @ Meanwhile in the luxury box Camron Diaz is holding A Rod's hand as she takes him to the potty
Doug Benson
Somebody just scored.
Keith Olbermann
Enjoy the Aguilera lyrics-optional version of The Anthem before the NFL makes them take it down
I hope John Travolta comes out to dance at some point.
My daughter just asked to turn off the TV. I know this half time show sucks
Usher to save the day!!!!!
Darth Vader
That half time show did more to crush the morale of the rebellion in 30 minutes than I ever did.
Ben Ward
And so, in 2011, the half time show proved once and for all that Twitter was the greatest tool ever invented for disaster relief.
RT @: Oh for christ sake Mini. F*** you.   [edited by Z - keeping it family friendly!]
RT @: Nothing like an Eminem endorsement to make it even more certain that I'll never drive a .  
It is not a Superbowl party unless your daughter throws up all over herself and the carpet
The Dark Lord
Only event of the night worth mentioning: Darth Vader car commercial. That's it kids... come to the dark side.
Chloe Angyal
So, out of interest, are men offended when commercials depict them as d***-ruled sex-obsessed idiots? [edited by Z]
Darth Vader
Keith Olbermann
Well, it was entertaining anyway, and who can argue with a win by a team that exists thanks to NFL Socialism!
Dave Telep
Now driving a Volkswagen, drinking a Pepsi Max and wearing Sketchers with Kenny G CD blasting!
Anthony C
going to bed? no way! It's time for now. Can't wait to go to work tomorrow.
On the heels of Green Bay's dramatic victory, not to be outdone, Brett Favre has text pics of his penis to thousands of his closest friends.
It's ok Pittsburgh fans...there's always Baseball seaso...oh...wait...sorry...
The Good Men Project
We Make the A**holes. (but the Superbowl shows them how to lose.) -
[edited by Z]

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