Friday, December 12, 2008

The World is Ending

The auto industry package failed in the Senate. A bunch of lame duck ideologues decided that the market was more important than the jobs of some 3 million Americans; that Wall Street was good enough for a $700 billion bailout, but the Auto Industry wasn't good enough for a $14 billion loan. So now it is up to the White House to use so-called TARP money to float a loan to the auto industry. Most people are sure this will happen. George W. Bush will be judged by history to be one of the worst presidents ever, and he doesn't want to pile the failure of the American auto industry on top of everything else he as screwed up.

One in every 31 adults is either behind bars or on parole (just heard this on the news). This number has been growing ever since the Justice Department started tracking it. Either more people are becoming criminals or law enforcement is getting better at catching them. Wait, what if there are just a greater number of laws to break? Don't know why this is, but I expect the number to increase as the economy continues to tank.

The governor of Illinois is a corrupt idiot whose foul-mouthed stupidity is taking all the wind out of the sails of the upcoming Obama administration. I've been nothing but happy with the president-elect's cabinet nominations and staff appointments. I believed him when promised to eschew ideology, and his appointments, many of which are disappointing to the ideological left, have not disappointed me. But this a-hole of a governor is going to leave a black mark on the next administration before Obama is even innaugurated.

And William Petersen is leaving CSI.

Oh well, at least there's some good food in the fridge and a happy baby taking a nap in the next room. Everything will be okay.

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