Wednesday, August 01, 2007

August Arrived Too Early

As far as my job is concerned, the month of July was awesome. I took kids to a poor town in New York where we painted and repaired the homes of the poverty-stricken residents of Hoosick Falls, NY. The next week, I was in Boston for a conference that was a nice working break. I had a good time, but the work was tough too. The past couple weeks, I have enjoyed the office to myself as I followed up with the kids I took to NY and work on arranging a fun day trip to one of those obnoxious "uber-Catholic" youth rally things in the next town down the highway with as many kids as want to go. Work was good in July.

Now it is August.

Now I have to deal with the fact that everything is ramping up all over again and even though I spent the last couple weeks getting caught up I am already falling behind. Now I have to deal with the fact that all the big plans I made for this year over the summer are actually going to take a whole lot of work. I am one day into August and I am already dreading the direction things are going.

Gah. This is me just feeling stressed out after a month of things being pretty dang awesome. Don't take me too seriously. The problem is that this is really two or three jobs rolled into one, and I only enjoy one of the three. In July, I only really had to worry about that one. Now I have the other two pressing down on me too. August. Bleh.

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