Thursday, October 06, 2011

Was that so hard Jim Lee?

I drew this in about 30 minutes after getting irritated by the complexity, irresponsibility, and skin exhibited by the redesigned Supergirl in DC Comics's "new 52". 

I honestly didn't find it all that difficult to come up with a new costume for Supergirl that was simple, tasteful, and responsible.

There has been a lot of well-deserved disgust heaped upon the creators at DC Comics since their highly publicized reboot of their entire lineup, especially regarding the rather unenlightened portrayals of their female heroes.  I'll grant that their new Supergirl is a slight improvement over the midriff-baring, miniskirt-wearing jailbait design of the recent past, but that isn't saying much.  Superman, Batman, and Green Lantern are completely covered from the neck down.  Why wouldn't the same standard apply to Supergirl, Starfire, and Wonder Woman?

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